WhatsApp Direct – Send Message Without Contact

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WhatsApp Direct – Send Message Without Contact 
This application is a great app for WhatsApp Messenger to send messages to any numbers those are not saved in your Contacts.


1) WhatsApp Direct – You can send message and media directly in WhatsApp without saving contact

2) No need to save a Contact – No need to save a number in Contact, directly add/select number and Send

3) Select number direclty from Call logs – Just select number from recent call logs and send a message

4) Easy to send a message (How it works) 1. Select a WhatsApp number 2. Enter text message 3. Tap “SEND” to send a message 4. You can attach media from WhatsApp app’s attach button. 

Demo APK: – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hyPX444O50A8Ujo07g0×2P-hOnIXVmCF/view?usp=sharing

– The app needs the policy requirements for acceptable use or is eligible for an exception, you should declare any Call Log or SMS permissions directly through the Play Console.
– This app use an official whatsapp API to open a chat with any number you enter without create it as contact on your device.
– This app or app developer is not associated with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc. 
– You should follow WhatsApp’s terms & condition while sending messages through WhatsApp Direct App.




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